Teaching Clinic Services

All teaching clinic supervisors are TCM experts and faculty members who have formal training with many years of teaching and clinical experience. Every member of our clinical team brings a wealth of knowledge and specialized skills in TCM.


Please note that our Teaching Clinic Service is temporary suspended due to the Covid-19 Pandemic situation. We will keep you posted as soon as our service resumes, thank you for understanding and stay healthy!


PRICING:  *Prices for reference only

The first visit includes initial consultation and a treatment which will be two hours in length. Follow up visits one hour each. You will be asked detailed health questions designed to identify your health needs and provided diagnoses, consultation and treatment.

  • Initial consultation: $35, duration one hour
  • Acupuncture treatment: $35, duration one hour
  • Chinese Herbal Medicine:
  • $15 per bottle
  • Custom Chinese Herbal Formula: $70 per week

Main treatment modalities at TSTCM teaching clinic:

At TSTCM clinic, our interns are teamed up with experienced and recognized TCM experts to provide the best of TCM care. As a teaching clinic, treatments are offered at a reduced cost compare to regular practitioners.


Acupuncture is the insertion of fine needles into specific points along the energy pathway to restore the balance of vital energy. It is proven to be an effective and safe alternative and complementary to medications or even surgery for a variety of conditions and ailments. The effectiveness of acupuncture for pain relief and addiction is well recognized by the medical professions.

Chinese Herbal Medicine:

Chinese Herbal Medicine employs the natural properties and flavours of medicinal substances to tonify deficiency, reduce excess, clear heart and warm cold. For thousands of years, it has played an important role in preventing and treating disease as well as improving longevity.

Tuina Massage:

Tuina Massage is a Chinese therapeutic massage. Over 20 manipulations are used based on the principles of TCM. It provides excellent results in relaxation, rejuvenation, rehabilitation and promotion of general well being. Tuina Massage can significantly enhance the effect of acupuncture and herbal medicine.