Student Testimonials

This year, the Toronto School of Traditional Chinese Medicine is celebrating 25 years of excellent education. We are beyond proud to have trained countless of industry leaders and TCM advocates. Our reputation speaks for the devotion we have for quality TCM education, and here are what some of our past and current students have to say about studying at TSTCM.

Natasha K., Advanced TCM Student, 2019

"I have been studying here at TSTCM since May 2019. As an international student (I am from the United States) I was unsure of the process of going to school in Canada and finding housing etc. Upon visiting TSTCM they gave me an in depth tour of the facilities, including a student clinic, classrooms, and free parking all on site. I was also informed of the application process, and even given advice on acquiring my visa and nearby residential areas. They even offer to let you sit in on a class prior to enrolling so you can get a feel for the school before committing..."

Lisa L., TCMP Student, 2019

"As a transfer student who studied previously at a TCM school abroad, I can speak to the comprehensiveness of the rigorous curriculum, compassionate instructors, and organized administration. From well prepared teaching materials to individual academic counseling for each term to make sure you're on track, the leadership here goes above and beyond to support you and your TCM journey/goals. If you’re serious about your TCM training, TSTCM is the place to be!"

Yuan H., Advanced TCM Student, 2019

"I think this is the best TCM school in Ontario. President Mary treat us like her kids. Specific teaching and strict management. Really enjoyed in study here"

Maple Y., Advanced TCM Student, 2019

"I am a current student in TCM practitioner program. I pretty enjoy being here, the instructors are experienced in both professional knowledge and teaching. To be honest, Mary is a very strict principal but she is taking very seriously about both teaching and clinic so that the pass rate of Pan Canadian is always staying on the top and graduates are capable to treat patients independently right after they get the licences."

Karen T., Advanced TCM Student, 2017

"The school provides tremendous support, knowledge transfer and discipline for serious learners. Not only did I learn so much about TCM concepts, diagnosis and treatments which are fundamental, but I also learned the soft skills to interact and communicate with patients all thanks to the professional set up and structure of the hands on teaching clinic. It's very rewarding to have patients specifically rebook for me so that I can be their regular wellness provider."

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