New Classes Start on April 27, 2020!

The new classes will start on April 27, 2020. New students are welcome to enrol in the various diploma and certificate programs. Both full-time and part-time students can start the study in the spring term. 

Financial assistance (OSAP) may be available to those enrolled in the three diploma programs: Acupuncture Diploma (2 years), TCM Practitioner Diploma (3 years) and Advanced TCM Diploma (4 years). Starting September 2017 students enrolled in the OSAP program can benefit with the Free Tuition policy. The OSAP may offer grants to cover tuition fees and book materials and to cover also part of living expenses for students with children. This new policy will reduce the financial burden dramatically. Please contact the academic advisers for more information.
TSTCM is proud of success of graduates. TSTCM graduates have achieved high pass rate in the licensing exams year after year. Most recently TSTCM graduates have achieved 100% pass rate for the Clinical Case Study Examination in 2017 and 2018. Most of graduates have established a successful practice. Many of them have become the best rated practitioners in their local city.

Under the Declaration of Emergency of Ontario all classes at TSTCM have been conducted online (with Zoom and other tools). Classes will be continuously conducted online until it is safe to go back to our normal teaching (we will follow the government order).
If you consider to start your study in Spring 2020, please call the admission office at 416 782 9682 or send email to:

2020 Spring Class Schedule for New students

2020 Spring Class Schedule

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