Let's celebrate the win! - TCM remains regulated!

As of today, after all the hard work of the Coalition team and the participants of the protest - the Ontario government has dropped the plan to deregulate TCM. Instead, the Ministry of Health plans on working with CTCMPAO (our regulating college) to add Chinese as a language option to the PAN-Canadian exam.

More than 70 people from TSTCM showed up today at the demonstration alongside with hundreds of others to have Schedule 5 removed from Bill 88. Our president, Mary Wu, has been working tirelessly along side an excellent team and engaging in endless conversations with professionals and government personnel to stop the government from potentially making the mistake of deregulating TCM.

The fight is not entirely over as we continue to work for increased recognition of Traditional Chinese Medicine in Ontario - such as the Doctor title, better insurance coverage, as well as OHIP coverages so that more people can receive Acupuncture and TCM for their health and wellness! 

More information can be found here: https://toronto.citynews.ca/2022/03/07/ontario-chinese-medicine-regulate/

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