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TSTCM Graduates Took the First Pan-Canadian Examinations for TCM Practitioners and Acupuncturists

The first Canadian Examination for TCM Practitioners and Acupuncturists was held on October 8th 2013. Approximately 130 people wrote the exam in Ontario. About 50% of the people who wrote the TCM Practitioner Exam, and over 25% of the total participants are TSTCM graduates. They believed that the school has prepared them well and the examinations were fair.

To support our graduates, president Mary Wu has arrived at the examination site to show her support, confidence and encouragement. She brought energy bars and candies, and distributed to her students before and after their exams. Her appearance made TSTCM students feel that they were loved, cared and supported by their TCM mother.

Twelve years ago in 2001, Dr. Mary Wu together with graduates of the first class of TSTCM Doctor of TCM Diploma Program went to the United States, did their NCCAOM examinations for acupuncture, and Chinese herbology and scored 100% pass rate. Ten years ago, Mary together with her student went to Vancouver and did their BC exams. Many TSTCM graduates have followed their footsteps, and passed NCCAOM and/or the CTCMA_BC examinations before the regulation of the profession in Ontario. Special congratulations to Aric Chang, who has successfully passed his Doctor of TCM Examinations in BC this year!

Under the leadership of president Mary Wu, TSTCM has designed and continues to improve its curriculum and training strategies to provide systematic and comprehensive education that ensures the students with solid theoretical foundation, practical and clinical skills, ability of proper judgement, and ethical medical practices. We have recently incorporated the professionalism, safety and business management courses into our curriculum to help students with their interpersonal and communication skills and business promotion for future success in an ever competitive environment.

As Dr. Mary Watterson, registrar of CTCMA-BC stated: "the reality of the Pan-Canadian examinations is an important step forward for the TCM profession in Canada". TSTCM has been offering first class education and produced top quality TCM professionals for over 18 years. TSTCM is a trustworthy institution with proven record for individuals who are committed and determined to be the bests within the profession!

President Mary Wu believes that regulation and recognition of the TCM profession in Ontario has opened the doors for the profession to enter the main stream, and to integrate TCM into our health care system. As a result of regulation, effective November 4, 2013, TCM Practitioners and Acupuncturists will be recognized as Regulated Health Professionals in the health Claims for Auto Insurance. Mary is now focusing on the standardization and approval of educational programs across Canada, and the introduction and integration of TCM such as acupuncture into the OHIP system.

What do our students say about the exam :

Richard Kwan:

I feel that the school is providing the best possible education for the students and I have full confidence that most, if not all of our graduates will pass the exam. I would have to say that the grad exam at TSTCM is probably harder than the National Exam

Gilbert Lai:

Thank you for showing up early in the morning and supporting us on Tuesday. I do feel I am back in the old time that my parents accompanied me for my University Entrance exam in Taiwan.

Mai Pham:

Thank you very much for all your support, your care and kindness. You are an incredible teacher who came to the examination site to support and gave us chocolate and candy. You made TSTCM one of the best place for education.

Jonathan Green:

It was great seeing you and having your support. After seeing the other schools study group site, I believe that TSTCM students are better prepared and more knowledgeable.  

Chiew Yi Tay:

I was very happy to see you! Thank you for the support you gave me.TCM is a great career and lifetime learning! There is still a lot I have to learn. I always try my best to help my patient. Hope my little force can contribute to the benefits for all.