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Congratulation to Alumni of TSTCM!
More than 60 of alumni of Toronto School of Traditional Chinese Medicine have registered with the college of Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioners and Acupuncturists of Ontario (CTCMPAO), Congratulation to them all. Many more alumni are in the process of getting registered.  A number of Ontario alumni have put extra effort to take the BC license exams and have registered with The College of Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioners and Acupuncturists of British Columbia. They are: Marylyn Bell(R.Ac), Virginia Choi (R.Ac), Ai-Jun  Chung (R.Ac), Jeffrey Chung(R.Ac), Junko Goto(R.Ac), Amanda Merenda(R.Ac), Hye Jung Yoon(R.Ac), Aric Chang (R.TCMP), Emiko Kanematsu(R.TCMP) and Yeon-Hee Kim(R.TCMP) and Careen Rendek(R.TCMP). Marylyn and Careen are now practicing in BC and other alumni have become (or will become) the first group of General class members of CTCMPAO. We are all very proud of their achievement.  Over the years many graduates of TSTCM have followed the lead of their president Mary Xiumei Wu, who took both the NCCAOM and BC exams, and have token either one of the exams or both exams.

TSTCM doing its best to help students preparing the National Examinations:
The first national examinations for TCM practitioners and Acupuncturist are scheduled on October 8th 2013 for the written examinations and on January 21st 2014 for the clinical case-study examinations.
TSTCM has been offering graduation examinations for the Acupuncture Program, the TCM Practitioner Program and the Advanced TCM Program since 2001. In order to graduate and to receive the diploma, students must pass the graduation exams in addition to complete all the required courses. The graduation exams can be demanding and stressful. But it helps the students to review and to understand TCM better. The knowledge, skills and judgement ability of our students are raised to a significantly higher level through the preparation and examination process. TSTCM graduates have achieved very high pass rate when they took the BC's and the US NCCAOM examinations.

TSTCM graduates / students have been well prepared!
Application and registration with the College of Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioners and Acupuncturists of Ontario (CTCMPAO) is a complicated and frustrating process. Lack of documentation and prove of education especially clinical training is the most important part for registration during this process for many individuals.
TSTCM has been offering systematic and comprehensive TCM and Acupuncture programs for over eighteen years following the educational requirements established and recognized by professional regulatory and accreditation standards. Our curriculums have been designed to ensure not only to surpass the minimum requirements, but also to provide our students with sufficient time to digest and comprehend the course material, to have ample time for hands on practices to master the technical methods, and to acquire clinical patient management skills in our teaching clinic.
TSTCM transcripts record our student academic performance and prove their completion of each courses and / or programs. Our clinical records show all the hours students attended and all patients students treated with the signatures of clinical supervisors and administrators.

TSTCM students have been advised to keep accurate and complete clinical records at the beginning of their clinical training. Many students and graduates have expressed their heartfelt appreciation to the school for helping the students get so well prepared far before the regulation comes.

Two Students Awarded Scholarships:
Two students from TSTCM have been awarded the Arianrhod Scholarship in the amount of $1925.00 this year. This scholarship is awarded to students who are determined in pursuing a career in TCMA with excellent academic record and who are in financial needs.
Congratulations to this year's winners: Heather Trueman and Maria Florentin

TSTCM Offers Financial Assistance
TSTCM is dedicated to the success of our students. Students who are determined in completing their TCMA programs at TSTCM with outstanding academic records, and in financial needs, can apply for financial assistance which will help students to cover the increased costs and to become a successful professional.