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October News At TSTCM

Oct 24, 2011

TSTCM Focuses on High Standards, Systematic and Comprehensive Training to Ensure Graduates Quality and Success

To ensure the students quality education, TSTCM believes that ONLY a focused, high standard, systematic and comprehensive formal education will provide students all the knowledge, skills, judgment and ethics required to become a qualified professionals who will be able to provide safe, effective and high quality TCM care to the general public. TSTCM is one of the leading professional education institution specialized in Traditional Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture and designs its curriculum and delivers both didactic and clinical training according to the above established requirements. TSTCM has earned its reputation for high standards, systematic and comprehensive training during its 15 years of commitment and dedication to excellence in education and services. TSTCM living up to the time honored standards of the past, while meeting the responsibilities of today and tomorrow.  

Two TSTCM students will be awarded $2034 scholarship/bursary respectively from Arianrhod Scholarship Foundation for 2012. Please contact Tracy for more information.  

TSTCM at the Graduate and Professional School Fairs of Universities
TSTCM has been invited to the Graduate and Professional Schools Fair by many Universities. This year, we were able to attend these fairs at UT, Waterloo, Guelph, York and Western Ontario. Many students showed interest in acupuncture and TCM. It is our goal to promote the TCMA profession and to educate the general public regarding the benefits of Traditional Chinese Medicine. Our students always enjoy talking to people and providing demonstrations.   

McMaster University Invited President Mary Wu to Present TCM and Acupuncture
President Mary Wu was invited to the McMaster University’s CAM Day to present Traditional Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture to students from faculty of medicine, nurse, physiotherapy, occupational therapy, physician assistant and midwife. Five groups of students from all faculties attended the TCM session headed by President Wu. All students find the presentation was very informative and enjoyed it totally. Many of them have received acupuncture demonstration and were amazed with the philosophy and diagnostic methods of TCM. President Wu delivered her final message emphasizing that TCM provide an additional option and choice to people for health promotion, and for disease prevention and treatments. She also pointed out the importance of interprofessional collaboration and the integration of TCM into our health care system and our daily lives. 

Acupuncture Does Not Hurt! Testimonial from McMaster University, Students of Health Care Professionals
“Does it hurt?” This is the most common question regarding acupuncture. At the McMaster University CAM DAY, over 20 students from health care professional education programs (medicine, nurse, PT, OT, PA and midwife) received acupuncture demonstration from Mary Wu, President of the Toronto School of Traditional Chinese Medicine, one of the leading expert, practitioner, educator and researcher. All of them have testified that “It did not hurt!”   

Doctor Prescribed Continue Acupuncture Treatments at the TSTCM Charitable Acupuncture Clinic at DLH
TSTCM Charity Acupuncture Program at the DLH has received very positive feedback from the community. Many individuals received acupuncture treatments have experienced the miraculous effects of TCM acupuncture since the program started in June.  Here is a prescription the program received from a medical doctor for one of the patients:
To Whom It May Concern:
The patient “should continue acupuncture treatment as it reduces her pain level where she does not need any pain medication”
There have been many successful and happy stories from both the patients and practitioners since we started this program.