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Instructions for students

Direct Energy Building - Hall A - Shoppers Bazaar

Booth 1017

  1. Participate the Orientation on Wednesday, August 18th at 6:30pm.
  2.  Date of participation:
    Please remember the date of your participation as signed up and ensure your participation. You are responsible to find a replacement if you are unable to attend in addition to let the school know as soon as possible.
  3. Time schedules (10:00am to 10pm or 11:30noon to 8:00pm) and breaks
  • Please prepare plenty of time for travel and looking for the place.
  • Arrive at the GATE of the main entrance (see map and directions) AT LEAST 30 MINUTES PRIOR to your scheduled time.
  • There are two 15 minutes breaks when work allows for the 8 hour shifts and three 15 minutes breaks for the 12 hour shifts.
  • There are 30 minutes for lunch for students who are there from 10am to 10pm, and 30 minutes for dinner for all students.
  • Meal times and breaks for each student is coordinated and arranged by the manager to ensure proper rest and smooth operation of the show.   
  1. How to get there:

            Please check the CNE website for detailed instructions regarding how to get there:

  1. Your Pass to CNE:

Contact and make the arrangement with your group leader for your pass the day prior to your scheduled date.
Pick up your pass according to the arrangement. It is recommended that you pick up your pass from your leader or someone from TSTCM at the gate of the main entrances.
Return your pass right after your enter
One pass is for one person only per day

  1. Parking:

You need to pay for your own parking. Please check the map and directions carefully on the CNE website and prepare plenty of time for the traffic and directions.

  1. Dress Code:

School T-shirt and lab coat with student ID, dress pants, socks and comfortable shows. No perfumes, no accessory jewels, extreme hair colors / make ups / nails.

  1. Equipment:

Bring your Lab coat, Student ID and completed travel kit with sufficient supplies. You may either bring or buy your meals at the show.

  1. What to do at the Booth:
    1. Greeting and providing Information regarding the benefit of TCM for health and for career, recruit people to the clinic and/or to the programs:
    2. Ask  people to get TCM tongue and pulse diagnosis, acupuncture or tuina massage at the booth
    3. Ask people to sign consent form & collect payment before the service.
    4. Perform diagnosis and treatments:
      • Pulse and tongue diagnosis
      • Prescribe and dispense Chinese herbal medicines (patterns)
      • Tuina massage
      • Acupuncture
    1. Sell gift certificates (credited as your recruits) for special offers


  1. Your Credit for participation:

Student receives 12 hours credit for shift from 10:00am to 10:00pm, and 8 hours credit for shift from 11:30am-8:00pm.  You may be asked to stay longer or shorter when necessary. The credit can be used for either make up of missed clinics or patient recruitments. Please have your EVENT PARTICIPATION FORM (pink sheet) signed by your supervisor/manager at the end of your shift before leaving. There will be no prove and signature provided at any other time.

Patient recruitments:
Each 4 hours of participation: 1 new & 2 follow ups; or 2 new; or 3 follow ups

Make up missed clinics:
Each absence of clinic requires 4 hours to make up.
Each late or early leave from the clinic requires 2 hours to make up.

  1. Credit for Selling Show Specials:

Student will receive 1 new or 1 follow up of patient recruitment for every two show specials sold.


  1. Confirm your Attendance:

Please be at the booth promptly according to the confirmed schedule. Lateness and absence may result in the failure of your course. Please prepare ample time to find the place. It is easy to get lost if you are not familiar with the area.


Thank you for your participation and see you at the Show

Duties and Responsibilities

Group Leader (appointed):

  1. Remind and confirm all your members and ensure their prompt participation the day before their shifts
  2. Make sure your new members know how to arrange to pick up the pass and get into the show
  3. Check and sign attendance form and event participation form
  4. Managing the activities of all students at the booth: Sign up and assign for diagnosis and treatments, record and take payments
  5. Coordinate breaks and meals
  6. Assist and teach students for providing information and promoting TCM/TSTCM at the show
  7. Explain duties to junior students
  8. Calculate and submit payments
  9. Find substitute if not able to participate

Receptionists (when you are not with client):

  1. Greeting people passing by the booth
  2. Provide information, ask people to fill in the forms:
    • Treatment Application/Consent and Registration Form
    • Program Info Request Form
    • Treatment at Teaching Clinic Form
  1. Receive payment, and remind practitioner of time
  2. Providing information
  3. Answering questions

Student Practitioners:

  1. Providing TCM information and promote the educational programs and the TSTCM teaching clinic
  2. Performing tongue and pulse diagnosis
  3. Performing acupuncture (qualified interns only)
  4. Performing tuina massage
  5. Take payments

TSTCM General Manager:

  1. Apply and finance the show
  2. Arrange lectures/speakers/demonstrations
  3. Booth set up and design
  4. Supplies needed at the show
  5. Personals
  6. Supervise and prove the diagnosis and treatments performed by student practitioners Planning and managing the booth pack up the booth and bring everything back to school in good condition