Financial Info

Financial Information

Financial Assistance:

Canadian students enrolled in the Acupuncture Diploma program may be eligible, if qualified, for assistance under one or more components of the following:
Canada Student Loans Program (CSL)
Ontario Student Loans Program (OSL)


Toronto School of Traditional Chinese Medicine is a vocational school and the tuition fees for courses in the Diploma Programs, Certificate Programs and Continuing Education Programs are HST exempt.

The tuition rate is $11.50/hour. Therefore for a 60 hour course the tuition is $690. The tuitions for the programs are listed as below:
Acupuncture Diploma Program (2 years, 2260 hours) $25990
TCM Practitioner Diploma Program (3 years, 3060 hours) $35190

Advanced TCM Diploma Program (4 years, 4220 hours)


The due date for tuition payment is 6:00 pm on the same date one month before the term starts.

Other Fees and Expenses

Application Fee: (non-refundable)


     Canadian Resident:


     International Student:


Deferred enrollment:


Tuition Deposit: (non-refundable)

$100.00 per course (included in the tuition fee)

Challenge exam:

$50.00 per course

Transfer credit:

$100.00 per course

Late registration:

$20.00/course first day late
$2.00/course daily

Late payment:

Same as late registration

Additional payment fee:

$10.00 per payment

Returned cheque:

$20.00 per cheque plus late fee

Add/Drop a course:


Change class:






Student ID card:




Text books (estimated):


Herbal samples:

$350.00 (mandatory for Herb I)

Other supplies:


All fees are subject to change without notice. All fees are in Canadian funds.

Tuition Payment
Tuition for each term is due in full by 6:00 pm on the same date one month prior to the beginning of the new term. Students with special needs may arrange for a two payment plan with a $10.00 fee for each installment if they are unable to pay in full at the time of registration. A postdated cheque for the second payment must be submitted together with the first payment. The second payment is due before 6:00 pm on the same date one month after the term begins. A late fee applies for overdue payment. The student may be suspended if payment is not received within two weeks of the payment due date. Returned cheques will incur a fee in addition to the late fee.

The issuance of any certificate, diploma, credit or transcript for any course or for clinical training will only occur after the student's financial obligations have been completely met.

Cancellation and Refund Policy
A student who wishes to terminate enrollment or withdraw from courses must do so in writing. Refunds will be issued after the 10th week of the term. Students who cancel enrollment before the end of the fifth week of the term will be given tuition refunds based on the refund policy described in the school policies and procedures. No refund is issued after the fifth week of the term.

Official Receipt for Tax Credit
The Toronto School of Traditional Chinese Medicine is a post-secondary educational institution recognized by Human Resources Development Canada and Canada Customs and Revenue Agency. T2202A will be issued in January for the tax year.